The Biomechanics Summer School seminar holds special meaning for me since it has long been my all-time favorite podiatric biomechanics conference ever since I first lectured at the August 2000 Biomechanics Summer held at Heythrop Park, in Oxfordshire. Especially now, after my long absence from in-person lecturing due to the pandemic, I am very excited to be returning again to lecture along with my esteemed friend and colleague Simon Bartold, in addition to the other invited world-class lecturers including Drs. Lindsey Cherry, Lucy Gates and Paul Harradine. 

My participation in the upcoming 2023 Biomechanics Summer School will mark the 10th time that I have lectured at this amazing conference.  I can’t wait to be coming back again to the UK to share new information on arthritic conditions of the foot and lower extremity, and also to reconnect with all my friends and colleagues from the UK and beyond that I have had the pleasure to meet since my first Biomechanics Summer School from 23 years ago.

The relatively intimate setting of the conference, held over a few days, with about 150 seminar participants, makes it unique for me as a speaker since I literally have a chance to speak and interact with virtually all of the seminar participants.  From the stimulating lectures and workshops at the conference, to the enjoyment of meeting in the breaks with old friends and new acquaintances, and to the 3-course dinner and fun of the gala dinner party, there is really nothing like Biomechanics Summer School in the world of podiatric biomechanics.  Hope to see you all there!