Soft Shell

Shell Material: TPU (Polyurethane)

Control Level:

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We have an exciting new 3D printer, that prints materials comparable to that of Direct Milled EVA, only that their properties are far superior…

We can all agree that EVAs are notoriously bulky! TPU 3D prints allows you to prescribe a much more slimline device without losing the correction and control you seek for your patients.

With 3D prints there really are no limits. You can create TCIs as well as devices with multiple densities in very specific sites and shapes. This allows you to reinforce specific areas and make others more flexible. The possibilities are endless. For example padding can be integral to the device whilst also having a different density to the device.

Unlike your direct milled devices, TPU 3D prints create very little waste. In a world where we are striving to become more sustainable, TPU devices are another step in the right direction. 

And the bottom line of price! Due to the there being far less material used (and wasted), we can offer TPU devices at a more competitive price than our combi and dual density EVAs.


Shell:TPU (Polyurethane)

Top Cover: Customised to your specific needs

Mid Layer: Customised to your specific needs

Heel Post: Customised to your specific needs

Base Plate: N/A

Aspects of the device can be customised to your specific needs.


UK: +44 (0) 845 678 0182

IRE: +353 (1) 905 9777

(Available Monday to Friday 08:30 – 17:00)



From the beginning, all patient information and impression casts have been reviewed by experienced biomechanical evaluators before a single step of fabrication begins. 

Today, that procedure continues. In fact, LBG Medical are the only European lab that employ 4 biomechanical evaluators. Everyday, our professional staff actively assist practitioners in arriving at diagnostic considerations, prescription choices and device selections.

We feel, as do most of our 1000 practitioners with whom we work, that a thorough review of all the facts, data and casts are mandatory in our mutual effort to produce the most therapeutically effective orthotics for each patient. Think about it. Could your patients first orthotic steps use our ‘second opinion’?


UK: +44 (0) 845 678 0182 (ext 354)

IRE: +353 (1) 905 9777 (ext 354)

(Available Monday to Thursday 8:30 – 16:30, Friday 8:00 – 16:00)



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